We thrive on creating a sustainable future, which is environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Environmental Policies
    Obey laws and regulations, all-staff involvement
    Protect the environment from pollution
    Save energy and reduce consumption, maintain improvements
    Environmental Commitment
    1. We promise to implement national and local laws and regulations.
    2. We promise to prevent pollution from materials, equipment and supplies purchasing to product production and serving process, and reduce the absence of pollutants and their emissions, to ensure that all pollutants treatment comply with discharge standards.
    3. We are driven by a constant quest for optimizing process, tools and equipment, saving source and energy, implementing cleaner production, improving environmental management to protect the environment.
    4. We keep improving cleaner production level with the gradual perfection of the environmental sources.
    5. We focus on enhancing the environmental awareness of all staffs, improving working conditions, advocating environmental policies and targets, to strengthen people's environmental behaviors.
    6. We evaluate our company environment regularly to promote improvement of the environmental management.
  • Health & Safety

    Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines
    Prevention first, all-staff involvement
    Safeguard people's health, produce safely
    Obey laws and regulations, strengthen supervision
    Scientific management, continuous improvement
    Occupational Health and Safety Commitment
    1. We create a safe and comfortable work environment for our staff from their needs and safety. We establish safety operation procedures, conduct effective safety trainings, set up a Safety Responsibility System, teach the staff to be aware of safety. Only with healthy body can the staff create the maximum productive efficiency.
    2. We strictly comply with national laws, regulations, safety management standards and technical specifications on occupational health and safety. We hope that by enhancing the management level to improve staff's safety awareness in production, regulate company's behaviors, improve the performance of occupational health and safety continuously, escort for sustainable development of the company.

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