The 5G Smart Factory

5G+Industrial Internet is promoting the change from "made" to "designed".
The ultra high wireless speed will trigger an upgrade revolution in everything
of the society. This is a social change from quantitative to qualitative changes.

5G+Industrial Internet, great opportunity,
also great challenge

5G is not simply about an extension of 4G, but also about a faster wireless capability. 5G makes it possible to connect and interact data sets from nearly billions of devices of any kind.
As a new wireless communication interface protocol, 5G provides greater capabilities and higher performance for smart factories.

Enabled by 5G+MEC technology, Majesty has built smart workshops and smart factories

With the rise of digitization, more and more traditional manufacturers have embraced digital transformation. As the advanced manufacturer of pumps and aerosol valves, Majesty built industry-leading smart factories by applying advanced 5G-based Industrial Internet, which can significantly improve production efficiency, lower production costs, and to become an industry beacon.
Featuring high speed, low latency, large broadband, 5G technology can support comprehensive network construction for smart factories. Majesty's "5G smart factory" project has implemented 5G-based application in typical 5G+ industrial Internet scenarios like automated guided vehicle (AGV), robot control system (RCS), manufacturing execution system (MES), etc.

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

  • Robot Control System (RCS)

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) on 5G networks can effectively improve logistics management by putting all the things more orderly, neatly and properly. With reliable dispatching capability, the AGV Central Control System can perform data analysis and remote control.
    Unlike AGV handling, manual handling may cause damage to products easily due to negligence, while AGVs can avoid the mistake and ensure the safety of personnel and products. AGVs can distribute the tasks intelligently to let them interact to each other, to improve handling capacity and achieve smart update of warehouse.

  • Robot Control System (RCS)

    Robot Control System (RCS) has the advantages of flexible scheduling, intelligent linkage, precise path and real-time monitoring, which helps AGV to realize automatic operations with higher accuracy and more standardized process rather than manual production and delivering.
    With multi-vehicle and multi-scene, RCS can plan reasonable AGV movement path, dispatch resources in real time to effectively improve vehicle utilization rate and operation efficiency on site. RCS is capable of planning dynamic path, avoiding obstacles and blocking areas, which is safe and of high efficiency.

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

    MES can comprehensively improve the intelligent manufacturing execution capability of Majesty. It can also realize centralized visual management, control product quality, inventory and optimize production process effectively, and provide powerful integrated services. Meanwhile, it creates a fast response, flexible and refined intelligent manufacturing management platform for Majesty, which is presented to our managers and front-line operators in real time through different project screens, so that the whole workshop is completely transparent.
    2025, Made in China, Majesty will always be your accompanist. We will try our best to provide you high quality products and warm services.

We can provide the ideal packaging solutions for your products in different market sectors.

  • Personal Care

    We work in close collaboration with you to bring to life high quality and efficient product solutions for different uses of personal care, such as skincare, fragrance, cleansing and hair styling products that give you a pleasant and comfortable experience. With industry-leading products and professional and high-quality technical support, we can help you better meet the market trend and keep ahead in the market.

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  • Pharmaceutical

    We are driven by a constant quest for innovative and optimal product experience to meet customers' needs. We thrive on bringing safer, more effective, more reliable pharmaceutical packaging materials and medical devices to our customers. We continuously update knowledge and improve our professional abilities to meet customers' needs better, which can help deliver better patient outcomes.

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  • Food

    Our broad product portfolio and dispensing system give you a more convenient and funny way to bake, beverage preparation and kitchen cooking. You don’t need to worried about the quantitative of sauce, and the large cleaning of measuring tools later. Our packaging materials for food and beverage are developed with great effort from production material selection and structure design process, to serve you the perfect products. We are assured that our customers do satisfy both our products and services.

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  • Home Care

    Our solutions offer safe, effective home care products, including air fresheners, insecticides, home cleanings home care products. We work together to enhance your brands to lead position in the market in advance, and provide convenient, comfortable and unforgettable product experience to the customers.

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  • Technical

    Majesty has professional technology and rich experience on packaging solutions for the technical products market covering a wide range of applications, including car cleaners, lubricants, carb cleaners, antirust lubricants, aerosol spray paints, marking paints, PU foam sealants and gas refilling products. Our valve and actuator combinations enable our customers to create customized solutions with optimal dispensing performance.

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