Majesty to Present at the Pre-trial Conference of Bag-on-valve


November 18, 2020, the pre-trial conference of Bag-on-valve industry-standard) was held by SAC/TC49. Majesty Packaging Systems Co., Ltd., the main drafting unit of the standard, attended the conference for the group as representative.
Experts from CPF, Aerosol Packaging Committee of CPF, National Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin) and business representatives from Aestar (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Euro Aisa Packaging (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Laya Chemical Co.,Ltd., Zhongshan Tentop Chemical Co.,Ltd., Daizo Co., Ltd.(Shanghai), WD-40 Company(China), The Chemical Industry and Engineer Society of Zhongshan and other units attended the conference.

The conference was held by Wang Li (vice-chairman of CPF, secretary-general of SAC/TC49). Representatives of the drafting group from Majesty made a relevant introduction about the authorized process of the Bag-on-valve. The participating experts discussed the standard carefully item by item and put forward suggestion of correcting.

At the request of experts, the drafting group should submit the revised standard to the committee after continuous modification and perfection as soon as possible.

Bag-on-valve is now a packaging product that prevalently applied in the aerosol market. In general, it adopts nonflammable nitrogen or compressed air as propellant, which is safer, greener, more environmentally-friendly than common aerosols of flammable propellant. The bag-on-valve aerosol is suitable for 360° orientation use and has the advantages of convenient use, high delivery rate, good compatibility and high biosafety and the like. So it is mainly applied in cosmetics, medical supplies and food. However, there is no a national standard or an industry-standard of bag-on-valve both at home and abroad. Therefore, the new standard can provide manufacturing, sales and quality control and other available technical references for the market. In terms of science, applicability and practicability, the formulation of the items further regulate the quality standard of products. And it is helpful to improve product quality and advance technologies of bag-on-valve, which plays a leading role at product standard in society.

This standard specifies the scope, terms, definition, and classification of bag-on-valve and requirements of technical specification, test methods and inspection rules of aerosol products. It will actively push the development of the industry.