Standard-making preparatory meeting on National Compulsory Standard - General Safety Requirements of Aerosol Product was successfully convened


Nov 11th, 2020, the standard-making preparatory meeting on national compulsory standard of General Safety Requirements of Aerosol Product was conened sucessfully in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Experts and enterprise representatives from Majesty Packaging Systems Co., Ltd., Aerosol Committee of CPF, Euro Aisa Packaging (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Botny Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Daizo Aerosol Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd. and other units attended the meeting. It set up a drafting team of the National Compulsory Standard-General Safety Requirements of Aerosol Product, including Majesty, one of its panelists.

In general, bag-on-valve aerosols adopt LPG or DME as propellant, which is flammable, explosive and contributes to environmental pollution and shows other dangerous characteristics. The safety of aerosol products has always been a cynosure among manufacturers, sales departments, consumers and administrative departments. In recent years, aerosol products's safety incidents happened frequently. The economic losses caused by burning and explosion are enormous and formidable. Therefore, the drafting of national compulsory standard of General Safety Requirements of Aerosol Product can help to improve product quality, standardize the market and clear up people's misunderstandings of aerosol products, so that it can promote aerosol products to the market and ensure consumers' safety.

As a panelist of the drifting team, Majesty will work actively with the drafting team, take the initiative to collect and provide relevant references on general safety techniques of aerosol product. To achieve the management of packaging industry and its upstream and downstream business systematic and standardized, and support the healthy development of aerosol industry, Majesty will contribute its efforts to be a great company.