Majesty was invited to participate in the annual meeting of CSAA's Sanitary Insecticide Chapter of 2020

From Nov 18th to Nov 20th, 2020, the annual meeting of Health Insecticidal Products Branch of CSAIA was grandly held in Guangzhou Merlinhod Hotel.
Representatives of member enterprises from all over the country and other representatives who are engaged in sanitary insecticide attended the meeting, including Majesty. It's worth mentioning that our representative was invited to deliver a keynote speech.
The annual meeting of CSAIA's Health Insecticidal Products Branch is an annual event for domestic sanitary insecticide industry. Experts, leaders, manufacturers and suppliers have gathered to discuss new policy, laws and regulations, product quality analysis, market development tendency, innovation packaging technique and the like, which gave an impulse to the development in the industry.

On the night of Nov 19th, the "Night of Majesty and Aestar" party funded by Majesty Packaging System Co., Ltd. and Aestar (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. was. Before the party, Mr. Liang Peihui, the chairman of Majesty, delivered a speech and expressed thanks and warm welcome to all guests. He also wished the annual meeting of CSAIA's Health Insecticidal Products Branch a great success. With wonderful shows and exciting lottery links, the party builded up to a climax. The night was full of happy laughters and cheerful voices.

Nov 20th, Zhang Yonglei, the manager of Product Development from Majesty, made a speech on "Research and Development of Environmentally Friendly Packaging Insecticide". Based on laws and regulations and environment protection, he analyzed the shift from traditional packaging insecticide to environmentally friendly ones, and shared our R&D experience to the attendees for better communication and greater progress together.

The annual meeting increased the cohesion force and promoted the development of the industry. For sustained and healthy development of the industry, Majesty will continue to answer CASS's call and support its work as always.
(CSAIA: China Sundry Articles Industry Association)