Exhilarating news: Majesty Holdings (Asia) Co., Ltd. is under construction


At 9:00 a.m. (Thailand time) on September 22, 2020, with warm sunshine, Majesty Holdings (Asia) Co., Ltd. held an on ground breaking ceremony of new factory in Thailand.

Although leaders of Majesty didn't attend the ceremony due to the epidemic, Majesty and its contractor worked together to overcome all kinds of difficulties. At last, the ceremony was live broadcasted on time. This was the first time for Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone to have a live broadcast after the epidemic. The standardized process provide much convenience for Majesty, the contractor and the zone.


Several guests attended the ceremony, they are Zhao Bin (president of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone), Yue Qun (assistant president and engineering manager of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone), Wang Xiaohui (manager of Hudson Manufacture (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ), Jiang Hufeng (general manager of Hufeng Engineering Co., Ltd.), Zhang Jianqiang (general manager of Rong Thai International Co., Ltd., construction side) and the project team, and also China proprietor (live broadcast) from Majesty Packaging System Co., Ltd. (Zhongshan), they are Liang Peihui (chairman), Fan Linhua (vice president) and his team, and design institute from Zhongshan Architectural Design Institute, they are Zhu Hong (deputy dean) and Liu Genghua (engineer).

Company profile

Majesty Packaging System Co., Ltd. (Zhongshan) is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in the field of packaging. It devotes to research, development and manufacture all kinds of aerosol valves, distribution pumps, spray pumps, caps, inhalation drug delivery devices and other medical supplies, food and daily chemicals distribution devices. Majesty was established in 1988 and located in Torch Development Zone in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, with an area of 85,000 square meters. It is capable of manufacturing 6 billion pcs aerosol valves, 2 billion pcs dispensing pumps and mist pumps and 1 billion pcs pumps per year. It has several pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers registration certificates(Type Ⅰ), and has got ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification.

About Majesty Holdings (Asia) Co., Ltd.

In order to meet the need of international consumer market, Majesty has started its relationship with the industrial park as early as 2015. The Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone was satisfying. Due to Majesty’s internal strategic direction, it established its first Turkey factory in 2015, and then decided to invest Thailand project after the second visit in September 2018. The project covers an area of 65,600 square meters. The first phase covers an area of 40,000 square meters, which including integrated manufacturing plants and office area of about 25,000 square meters. The project will start in September 2020 and end in April 2021 (for about 7 months), and it is expected to be officially completed and put into operation in May 2021. The second phase is about 25,600 square meters reserved for future expansion of valve and pump projects. It plans to have an annual production capacity of 1 billion pcs dispensing pumps, 1 billion pcs medical valves and 42 million pcs bag on valves after the first phase of production is put into operation in May 2021.

Proprietor——Chairman of Majesty addressed the ceremony

Zhang (Rong Thai) was interacting with guests from China and Thailand. Then the on ground breaking ceremony was successfully started. Liang (Majesty) gave deep thankful to all guests of attending the project ceremony. Although Majesty's team couldn't go abroad due to the epidemic, the construction project was also corresponding delay, we always believe that the epidemic will disappear and China and Thailand can cooperate successfully. He also thanked the industrial park for its consistent support and the active cooperation and interaction from the construction side. With everyone's effort, the project can be completed and put into operation successfully at the end.

Industrial Zone——President Zhao Bin made a speech

Zhao said, Majesty was the first enterprise to implement the live interactive broadcast for an on the ground ceremony during the epidemic, which ensured them to make reasonable investment plans. The live broadcast allowed us to purchase, lease, register, apply for BOI, construct and decorate without delays. Majesty expands its horizons to include the whole world, establishing a factory in Thailand which better meets customers' need and make great contribution to globalization and development strategies. Therefore, whether it's the industrial park or the contractor, we both have responsibilities and obligations to promote the project in a safe way, as to support Majesty. And wish Majesty's construction project is ticking over smoothly and dose brisk business.

Contractor——General manager Zhang Jianqiang made a speech

Zhang praised and showed respect for team of Majesty's for their upstream team spirit. Both Majesty and Rong Thai have a long way to go, however, they will spare no effort to make active preparations and take the challenge. And Zhang promised to its proprietor as followings.
1. To get the job done with “high quality, high efficiency” goal.
2. As the eye of the proprietor, give support and share misgivings by positive communication for smooth progress.
3. We will spare no effort to meet all your expectations and help the company to start operation as soon as possible.

On ground breaking ceremony

After the ceremony, the representatives went to burnt incense, worshipped the local God of land, burnt paper money to hope it a safe and successful project. They also prodded soil for the last phase, hoping for the project thriving day by day.