Fire-fighting rehearsal in the first half of 2020

In order to improve fire-fighting awareness of our staff, enhance their ability of emergency escape and quenching an early fire, ensure fire-fighting safety, protect our staff and properties in case of accidents, Majesty held a fire-fighting emergency evacuation in the first half of 2020 on June 15th.

The evacuation was divided into two parts, one for simulating fire scene and first aid methods, the other for studying of fire equipment and escape precautions.

• Emergency/rehearsal
When the alarm rings, all staff must escape from the workplace quickly and gathered at the safe place. The firefighters went to the fire scene quickly, then put out the fire with fire extinguisher and rescue.

• Studying/practice
After gathered and counting the number of stuff, Yu Zhijun(chief commander) made a summary of this practice. Then Xiao Weimin(deputy commander) explained and demonstrated about the fire extinguisher and operations.
This practice better enhanced fire-fighting awareness and emergency escaping ability of our staff, and is a good experience for training to save first-aid in an accident.