Workshop: New Development of Insecticide Bag-on-Valve Aerosol


On June 14th, New Development of Bag-on-Valve (BOV) Aerosol Workshopwas held in Majesty. Many industry professionals attended the meeting, they are Tang Qingze(secretary general of Health Insecticidal Products Branch of CSAIA), Zhang Yaoping(from CIESC), Wang Xiaobing(general manager of China Ludao Technology Co.,Ltd), Xu Jiwen( CEO of Guangdong Laya Chemical Co.,Ltd), Lin Bin(vice-general manager of AESTAR(ZHONGSHAN) Co.,Ltd), Chen Meifen(quality director of AESTAR(ZHONGSHAN) Co.,Ltd), Wu Maojun(technical engineer of AESTAR(ZHONGSHAN) Co.,Ltd), Zhu Maoyong(vice-general manager of technology department, Majesty packaging systems Co.,Ltd), Huang Songwang(vice-general manager of marketing department, Majesty packaging systems Co.,Ltd), Liang Yongxing(senior executive of technology center, technology department, Majesty packaging systems Co.,Ltd). Tang Qingze and Zhao Kun(secretary general of Aerosol Committee of CPF) decide to hold the workshop. At the meeting, Liang of Majesty, analyzed and detailed various indursty standards, including classification, specification, technical points and test methods of products, and provided related technical data and discussed with relevant professionals.

As a special kind of valve, BOV adopts unflammable compressed gas(nitrogen, air) as the propellant, complys with the environmental VOC requirements and effectively decreases or avoids the risks in aerosol industry. Therefore, bag-on-valve has arouse great attention from insecticide aerosol industry and manufacturers.
After intense discussion, professionals mentioned that there were still some shortcomings if applying current standards on insecticide aerosol products. Standards of BOV insecticide products should be taken due regard. Relevant technological parameters should be continued to improve in follow-up studies, so as to provide newer and better technical support for developing insecticidal products.

Finally, all professionals agreed that BOV will be a new developing direction of aerosol in the future. And the BOV developed by Majesty has been fully recognized. Majesty will remain unchanged on doing well in developing aerosol packaging products, and also hopes the BOV will thrive in insecticide industry perpetually.